Settling In

It’s my fifth day and Sunday morning here and I just got Internet access.  Now I feel more connected with the outside world. After the Internet hookup, a meter reader came and the maintenance man, Mr. Xu will be here this afternoon to fix my toilet. I guess the Chinese don’t take Sunday off. Our group of foreign teachers numbers ten. The men have been in China for several years and come from Scotland, Ireland, Canada and Great Britain. One woman just arrived with her husband from New Zealand. Five of us are from the US: three recent graduates, and a retired college psychology professor from Brooklyn, named Linda. She is turning out to be a good friend. This is her second year and she has been wonderful at showing the newbies around. She has also recommended me to teach English to Nokia engineers twice a week in the evenings; a car will pcik three of us up and take us to the class.
Classes at the University start September 13. This week the teachers will meet together to plan a common teaching schedule and syllabus.
My third floor apartment is sunny and clean. I have a living room, small dining area, kitchen and bedroom. The sun room is used for drying clothes. Our building is across the street from the campus, very convenient.  Our US group has been shopping for apartment items, and exploring the city. Last night we went to West Lake and saw a water and light show. Beautiful evening!
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