I am frequently asked "How are you getting along with the food?"  I’m taking probiotic capsules every day. No problems yet; the worst bout I had was when Jesse and I were here in the summer and I got sick from eating at Pizza Hut.  I generally eat lunch at the library cafe on campus: Jiaozi (dumplings), beef and fried noodles, or noodle soup with pork. The grocery stores are of varying sizes, ranging from very tiny neighborhood stalls to larger supermarkets. Fruit is plentiful; I often eat bananas, oranges, grapes and watermelon. Vegetables are found in a great variety, especially leafy vegetables and roots. The Chinese consume all the parts of fish and animals, eating the meat and making soup out of the rest. Many dried parts of I-Don’t-Know-What are available. Today I decided to stay with what I know. I ate a piece of original chicken at KFC, and then went to the market. I bought wheat bread, Hormel sliced ham, tuna in a can, pickles, yogurt, fresh beans and broccoli. With my peanut butter, cheese, eggs and sweet mayonnaise I can now have grilled cheese sandwich, ham sandwich, peanut butter sandwich, tuna salad sandwich and cooked vegetables.  Life is good.
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3 Responses to Food

  1. Paula says:

    I was o.k. till you started talking about all those parts that are eaten.

  2. Mary Beth says:

    It is always the little things that bring such comfort.

  3. Mark says:

    Are the American fast food restaurants very different?

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