Festival celebration

When Jesse and I came to China last summer, we met a friend of Professor Liu. Sean is a sophomore high school student at Hangzhou Senior High School #2. He boards there during the week and comes home for holidays and weekends.  Sean reconnected with me a few days ago and invited me to his home for the mid-Autumn Festival. Also visiting were two friends from Princeton, New Jersey. The delicious meal included duck, beef, crab, shrimp and beans, potatoes, pumpkin greens, and soup with tomatoes. Dessert was cantalope and grapes. Sean just returned from a visit to the US and noted that KFC is more popular in China than McDonald’s but the US has many more McDonald’s restaurants. When I asked if fast food would make the Chinese fat, he said he didn’t think so. The photos show Sean and his mother and the beautifully packaged moon cakes I received as a gift. The cake is about 1.5" square.
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2 Responses to Festival celebration

  1. Paula says:

    You, your friends and the packages look great. Are the moon cakes good? Chocolate? I beet you had a good time there. So, hows the weather?

  2. Ruth says:

    No chocolate! The weather is rainy and getting a little cooler: long sleeves.

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