Journal Entries

My students are required to write a one page journal entry every week. They are to write about what they have done to learn, practice or improve their English during the week or what their reactions are to class activities. Some of their responses in the first assignment brought a smile to my face.
"I have to say that we are lucky to meet Dr. Ruth Warren, our oral English teacher. She is a humorous, graceful and organized lady with smiling on the face."
"Our teacher is Dr. Ruth Warren,  a kindly grandma."
"When I heard I had a foreign teacher, I hoped it would be a handsome young man, so I was disappointed when you walked in the room. Now I find you are amiable, so it will be okay."
"It’s exciting that a foreign teacher teaches us. The atmosphere in the class is cooperative, joyful and active. I like it very much because it’s different from before."
"In the past, I thought foreign teachers are very severe. However, when I met you, I changed my views."
"In a nutshell, the class is so interesting and our teacher is so cute."
"Ruth Warren is my speaking teacher. She is a very amiable, patient and pleasing middle-aged woman."
The class activity today was "Two Truths and a Lie." I modeled the activity by giving three statements about myself. One was that I ran a half-marathon (true). When the vote was taken, many of the male students believed it was a lie. One student said, "You are beautiful and kind, but I don’t think you have the strength to compete." There you have it. I love this.
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6 Responses to Journal Entries

  1. Paula says:

    Keep smilin teach. I am glad you are happy and lovin it. I love the kindly grandma. PLEASE SEND MAILIING ADDRESS.

  2. Esther says:

    i think my favorite was your student who was hoping for a handsome young man. bummer! great post, ma!

  3. Karen says:

    What a riot. I think your new name should be "kindly grandma." I\’ve been wondering about something. Do they have garage sales in China?

  4. Mark says:

    Very funny. I wonder why they think that foreign teachers are so severe?

  5. Ruth says:

    Karen,Haven\’t seen any garage sales. Everyone lives more simply. Recycle, reuse, reduce is very apparent. My apartment had some extra stuff I didn\’t want. I put it out by the trash and it was taken.

  6. Ruth says:

    Mark,Judging by some foreign teachers I have met, I can understand.

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