Shanghai and Kunqu opera

 My routine is taking shape: teaching on Sunday mornings, Tuesday through Wednesday and Nokia on Tuesday and Thursday evening. Friday through Monday is for entertainment and travel.  Last Friday, a group of us went to Shanghai. Some went to the Expo but Olivia and I explored the city. We found a Poster museum tucked away in the basement of an apartment building. The curator has been collecting original propaganda posters from the 1930s.  This website gives a good idea of the museum. Fascinating!

Then we went to the Bund and Nanjing Road, where all the wealth and foreigners can be found. The new train between Hangzhou and Shanghai began running on Tuesday. I hope to be able to make a few more trips to Shanghai.

Last night, Linda, Frost and I attended the Kunqu Opera. It’s the forerunner of the Peking Opera. Of course, we didn’t understand the lyrics but the costumes, singing and performances were entertaining. In one fight scene, the actors performed a highly well-timed acrobatic routine with swords.  Web site here:

Weather is getting colder so today I bought heavier shoes and a coat. The coat was a challenge because most places don’t carry clothing in my Chinese size, XL!  (And this is after I’ve lost weight!) The women are so very tiny, maybe no bigger than size 6.

I’m taking Chinese lessons from a woman in the next apartment building. She works in the Human Resources department of a company and used to be a Chinese teacher. We exchange 30 minute lessons of Chinese and English. Sunday we are going shopping together. She loves to sing so she’s teaching me a Chinese nursery song and I taught her “Oh, What a Beautiful Morning.”

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2 Responses to Shanghai and Kunqu opera

  1. Ruth – it sounds like you’re getting settled in and enjoying some wonderful experiences. I’m following your blog and getting some good ideas on what I’d like to do and see once I make it there. Am so glad for you in this experience! Gives me a good model to follow – I guess that’s what big sisters are for, eh? Cheers!

  2. Deb Foy says:

    Opera???? Mmmmmmm. I enjoyed some of the posters. This seemed like a cool shop.
    Make sure you tell the lady teaching you the Chinese nursery song that you have made it “BIG” on stage singing so that people will clap for you. You should teach her “Imagine” by John Lennon. He’s my new poster guy in my office. (I love that song).

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