Speaking and Listening

Thanks to a colleague, I presented a chart on active listening skills. This seemed very 70s, but since speaking and listening are so critical in Oral English, I thought the topic was worth discussing. We talked about and practiced body language,  giving focused attention, and reflecting words and feelings. The following journal entry written by a graduate student told me these skills cross time and culture.

“This week I learned some skills about talk. Actually, I haven’t receive special education about how to communicate with others, and how to communicate myself effectively, so I don’t have good communication skills, and my friends also few. I just learned some fragmentary information from my parents and teacher, books. Now I found those is insufficient, the most time, I just listen silently, or interrupt the speaker ceaseless, sometimes I will quarrel with my friends, because I disagree with them and I couldn’t understand why they feel sad about these things which are impenetrable.

Besides, I have body movements, when my friends speak something which I think is unimportant I will do something at the same time or I will set my eyes on other place.

‘Actions speak louder than words.’ It’s true, I think I have many things to learn, include improve my communication skills.”

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