Almost Full Moon in Hangzhou

Last night I was riding a bus home from the bookstore. Suddenly, the bus stopped and the passengers lurched forward roughly. A car had cut off the bus in traffic and our driver became enraged. He followed the car and when the driver changed lanes, the bus swerved and attempted to sideswipe the car. The women passengers in the front started yelling at the other driver and soon the two drivers were in the street yelling at each other. The women got our driver back on the bus and we continued. At the next light, the two drivers got out a second time and began pushing each other. Now several passengers including an old man got off the bus to join the fray. The police arrived and got everyone back into their vehicles. With all the drama, no tasers, handcuffs or guns appeared. When I got off the bus, I looked up and sure enough, a beautiful almost full moon was shining. Actual full moon is Monday. I think I’ll stay out of traffic on Monday.

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3 Responses to Almost Full Moon in Hangzhou

  1. Mark Ballentine says:

    How crazy!!! Good old reminder of Rick’s postings in the main office. Nice to know that road rage is everywhere.

  2. Catherine Henderson says:

    Lovely reading your blog. I have another friend teaching English for the year about 8 hours south of you at the university in Fuzhou. He says he doesn’t think his students fully appreciate his “Novembeard.”

    Lauren Smith asked me if I thought you would be willing to write a letter of recommendation for her, so … would you consider that? Let me know via email, Jesse, or some other means.


  3. paula says:

    Nothing like that ever happened when we were there. Didn’t you get any pictures. See, and it was two men. Everyone always wants to blame women! Glad to be back on track with you.

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