Student Activities

One of my favorite parts of the stay here is attending the student activities. One student got my phone number and now it has been passed around. I got a text Monday inviting me to a singing contest in the Student Centre. All 8 contestants were male, and they sang love songs. It was quite sweet. This young man was the crowd favorite. He is holding a bouquet given to him by a female audience member.

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2 Responses to Student Activities

  1. Mark Ballentine says:

    Were any of the songs sung to you? I hope you have a happy thanksgiving, even though it is not celebrated where you are.

  2. Karen Nye says:

    Hi, Ruth. Just writing to wish you Happy Thanksgiving. From your posts, it sounds like all is well.

    It got really cold here yesterday. In the west they are having bad, bad snowstorms. We had some icy rain here in IN to the west of us. Today when I got up which was 5:30 ish the pavement was wet outside, so it has rained here a little. I think we may get some snow, but not like what they are getting in the west.

    I’m going today to my parents. My mom insisted on having Thanksgiving even though I had it already planned so that she didn’t have to. So, it will be me and Nathan and the babies, my sis and her son, my bro, mom and dad. A small group but with the two little ones, it should be interesting.

    I have been 0n vac all week much to the dismay of certain people – you know who. But I got everything done that I needed to get done; yardwork, gutters, washing windows and visqueening, car to shop, trimming back bushes. Then laziness hit. So, it’s been good.

    Take care. I think of you often.


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