First Snow

It’s been snowing all day today. This is the view out my back apartment window. I wish I had a fireplace! It’s impossible to stay warm because of the drafty windows.

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3 Responses to First Snow

  1. Esther says:

    any chance you could find the plastic window kits to block the draft? otherwise, do you have any coverings on the windows? heavy curtains can help a little, says my energy efficient, aspiring engineer of a boyfriend. sending warm thoughts!

  2. Mark Ballentine says:

    I see you are sharing the same cold snowy weather that we have had for a while. I agree with Esther. Plastic is what we use with our 103 old windows.

  3. Loveda Jones says:

    Just saw on the Today show that you burn more calories when you’re cold. I guess there’s an up side to everything!

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