Trip To Songyang

Four of us were invited to a county school district to meet with teachers and students in Songyang, about 4 hours from Hangzhou. Songyang is the most impoverished county in the province and the Province Education Bureau wanted to provide some support. Teachers came from all over the county to hear the “foreign experts.”

The teachers were divided into groups by level. I met with about 25 high school English teachers for two hours, modeling activities they could do with their students.

In the afternoon, I spent an hour with a lecture hall full of high school students, conducting activities in English. The school is a boarding school; students go home for weekends.

Each of us received a gift of student art, created by junior middle school students. I am standing with the Deputy Director of Education of Zhejiang Province.

After our day at the schools, we had dinner and spent the night at a mountain inn retreat. This is the view as I stepped out the door of my room.

On the way down the mountain, we passed this village.

This was certainly a most unique professional development trip!

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2 Responses to Trip To Songyang

  1. Mark Ballentine says:

    I wish we had prof. development like that! What a view from the front door of your room.

  2. Carolyn Halasz says:

    Now that is professional development!

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