In the Western Culture class, we studied the “I Have a Dream” speech by MLK side by side with Obama’s 2008 speech on race.

Following are some journal comments:

“In China, we often heard that American’s racial discrimination problem is serious, especially when taking American culture lessons. But until now, I still have no idea about the origin of this kind of prejudice.”

“What I want to know is what make such a big conflict in race problem in America, since America always emphasizes human rights.”

“When it comes to race, people in China are not very sensitive to it. Maybe it mainly because people believe in China we just have one race. When meet the foreign people, we will judge them from the color of their skins. Of course the color of the skins come to our mind at first. But we just notice that ‘it is a black man’ or ‘she is a pretty white girl.’ I think that many people at my age look the black the same as the white. They are all foreign people. Maybe the first idea that come to us is just ‘Oh, I can practice my English with them.'”

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