New Job

Next year, I will be working for a language school, Linkman Institute. They have just opened a second school in Hangzhou. My duties include professional development for Chinese and foreign teachers, supervising foreign teachers, teaching adult classes and providing English training to companies, such as Nokia. I went to the new site yesterday for the first time.

Third business on the right

My office

The view from my office window

Chris and Jim, my new bosses

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3 Responses to New Job

  1. Dianne says:

    Your new job sounds great! Hope you had a good birthday. Will you be home this summer at all?

  2. Ken says:

    Looks like an interesting job. I really enjoyed looking through your blog – very helpful as I prepare to teach in Hangzhou for the first time.

  3. Ruth,
    This place looks great. Have a great year with the new job and responsibilities and make sure and get out and enjoy that park across the way once in a while.


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