Back online

I returned to China and began my new job on August 1. My blog has been neglected because of serious computer issues. Can’t get a needed Toshiba part for my netbook in China because they don’t import Toshiba parts. Had to buy a Chinese computer but am having a little difficulty navigating because many instructions are in Chinese. Also, I get Chinese advertisement popups which are slightly disconcerting. Can’t upload photos on this computer either, so have I’ll have to make other arrangements to get photos on the site.

Yesterday I worked with a Chinese high school student returning to Canada to graduate from a Canadian high school. She is preparing for the TOEFL exam. This English exam is required for foreign students to enter American Universities. The exam tests reading, writing, speaking and listening, all on the computer. I am once again humbled by the motivation, diligence and achievement required for overseas students to study in the U.S.

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2 Responses to Back online

  1. Vicky says:

    Its great to have you back online. Missed your updates. Vicky

  2. Mark Ballentine says:

    I have also been looking forward to reading more about your adventures. Hope all is well. Look forward to more updates. Graduate school is very busy, but very rewarding. Thank you for helping me achieve that goal. Talk to you soon.

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