Playing in Xianju

Recently a former student asked me to spend the weekend with her family in a town about 3 hours away by bus.  She was proud to show me the beautiful landscape of mountains, forest and water. We climbed the mountain with her 11 year old cousin who is just learning English.

Climb to the waterfall

My student Rosalind at the waterfall

On the way back across, I slipped on the stepping stones and fell into the water. Pretty embarrassing. The girl in the left of the photo was crossing the stream in spiked high heels, but protected from the sun by the umbrella.

Crossing the stream

These logs are swinging as I walk across

Fun with Rosalind's cousin

Rafting down the river

The reservoir

Rosalind, her uncle and aunt

We ate fresh river fish at this restaurant

Rosalind's cousins. beginning English learners

Wind power

Mother Nature's awe

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One Response to Playing in Xianju

  1. Gary says:

    Looks like the hike to the waterfall was worth it.
    Keep the pictures coming.

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