Shengsi Island

In the late summer, I took another teaching trip sponsored by the Provincial Education Department. Four foreign teachers visited Shengsi Island to talk with Chinese English teachers about teaching and learning. We also gave demonstration classes to students. Some of the teachers had lived on the island their entire lives and told me they had never spoken to a foreigner. The island is developing quickly due to the tourism industry. It is in the same province as Hangzhou but the people feel more closely connected to Shanghai.

The trip to the island took about 4 hours by car and ferry from Hangzhou.

We stayed at one of the newly built hotels on the island.

On the first evening we had dinner with the education officials and teachers.

After we finished our work, we had time to tour the island. Even in overcast drizzly weather, you can see why it’s such a getaway.

Just before we left, another foreign teacher and I walked along the docks in the town. The fishermen and cargo workers were friendly and curious.

Fruit delivery

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  1. Dianne says:

    Hope you have a good Christmas! Island you visited looks wonderful!

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