Hangzhou Marathon

My friend Ken ran the Hangzhou marathon. I came along as the friendly cheerleader and photographer.  The spirit of runners is the same all over the world.

Busses line up to take belongings to the finish

Lining up at the start

Calisthenics leaders warm up the runners

Some follow the leader, but not all...

Parents and children ran in the Family Marathon


I've never seen this main street so deserted, closed for the runners


Ken at the finish. (Note the smoking finisher behind him.)




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1 Response to Hangzhou Marathon

  1. Hi Ruth – looks like fun. Katie was in the Chicago Marathon and that’s when we were able to have dinner with Esther and James. I hope your new year is going very well and also your holiday season was good. How do the locals celebrate thru that season – that would be interesting to know (and blog on….). Cheers. David

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